Sometimes we forget how essential Vitamin D is for our over all health. Vitamin D has many benefits, such as helping with heart disease, stroke, cancer, depression, colds, and osteoporosis.  As adults, starting at age 9 and up, we need around 4,000 IU’s a day.  Here are some ways to get your daily dose of Vitamin D.

  1. Ultraviolet lamps – such as tanning beds
  2. Sunlight – 10-20 minutes a day
  3. Egg yolks – one yolk is about 40 IU’s
  4. Fatty fish – trout, salmon and tuna are some
  5. Fortified Orange juice – make sure its fortified
  6. Milk – 8oz glass is 100 IU’s
  7. Supplements – to much Vitamin D can also be harmful
  8. Beef Liver – besides Vitamin D, you are also getting Vitamin A, iron and protein
  9. Fortified Cereal – great meal , when you are also adding milk, and orange juice. A lot of IU’s in this meal
  10. Cod Liver Oil – 1 tablespoon has 1,300 IU’s

Researchers cite decreased UV exposure as one reason that people may become deficient in Vitamin D. Vitamin D is a hormone produced naturally when skin is exposed to UVB in sunlight or indoor tanning units. Vitamin D sufficiency is linked to a reduction in 105 diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and most forms of cancer. Please visit for more information on Vitamin D.

We hope to see you soon, on your way to a healthier life style. Stop by an get some  Vitamin D from one of our great tanning beds.