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Tanning Lotion

Why Should We Use Tanning Lotions

When using a tanning lotion or sunless products it will help minimize the harmful effects from the sun and give you a healthier looking tan.

When you are exposed to the sun long term or get a sun burn it will destroy important immune system skin cells and increase your chances of getting skin cancer.

Healthier skin will give you a better tan. Tanning lotions provide critical moisture to your skin. When your skin is dry it will flake away your tan layer by layer. If your skin is healthy your tan will last longer.

Everyone has different lotion needs depending on if you have sensitive skin, fair complexion or you tan easy. We have a large selection of lotions available for your use and will be happy to help you select the proper one.

For great tanning results always use a tanning lotion before you tan and use a moisturizer after your tan. This will help keep your skin healthy.


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