Why Should We Use Tanning Lotions

Specifically formulated for indoor use, professional indoor tanning lotions also known as “accelerators” enhance melanin production, as well as help to hydrate and condition the skin. Moist, nourished skin tans better and more quickly. When tanning, dry skin reflects light, not allowing UV rays to be absorbed as quickly as when using a lotion. By using a lotion, you are allowing more UV light to penetrate your skin more quickly, which can develop a more natural looking tan up to 60% faster. Indoor tanning lotions also add nutrients your body needs to produce melanin. Most accelerators contain vitamins and botanicals that moisturize and increase blood flow, thus increasing oxygenation of melanin cells to help speed up the tanning process. If you are unsure as to which lotion is right for your skin type one of our Tanning Professionals will be able to help you to select the right lotion that will protect your skin and give you the best color possible.