We love options!

Relax in one of our lay down Wolff tanning beds. With a maximum of 15 minutes and special face and arm bulbs, get a quick bronze on your lunch break. Everybody loves a good power nap.

Get a quick and easy bronze in our Hex stand up booth. Maximum tanning time is 14 minutes. Nobody likes tan lines.

Get an instant bronze in our top of the line VersaPro Spray Tanning booth. Average time of 10 minutes. It does all the work. Did we mention it has heated dryers inside?!

Can I do a sunless session in addition to a tanning bed?

Absolutely! In fact, we recommend it. Sunless tanning results are phenomenal over a nice base tan. It is the best way to obtain a fast, instant and natural tan. At Bikini Bottom Tanning Salon we refer to this process as a “Cocktail Tan.” Please ask any Bikini Bottom Tanning Professional for details on our Cocktail Tan

wolf 30x tanning bed - Bikini Bottom Tanning Salon & Retro Candy Shoppe

Wolff 30x Tanning Bed

Stand Up Hex Tanning Bed - Bikini Bottom Tanning Salon & Retro Candy Shoppe

Stand Up Hex Tanning Booth