Don’t forget about your eyes!

It is required that you wear eye wear that protects against 99% of UVA rays and 99.9% of UVB rays. You cannot just close your eyes; your eyelids are too thin to block UV rays. Eye wear must be certified and approved by the FDA.

The safety of your eyes is very important. Goggles or winkie’s will protect your eyes from UV rays, which can be very harmful to your eyes. Any rays, rather  UVA,  UVB or UV can be dangerous to your eye

Without protection,  you may be causing your eyes long term damage. You could damage your retina, burn the cornea, form cataracts and even cause blindness.

Some of us think that if we close our eyes, it will give us enough protection, WRONG. Our eye lids can’t give us the protection we need from the rays. Don’t worry about getting raccoon eyes, protect your eyes.

Whether you are tanning at a salon or just outside having fun in the sun, wear some form of eye protection.

Bikini Bottom Tanning Salon offers multi-use goggles that meet Federal standards.