The Before and After:
Longevity of your tan!


Before And After Tan - Bikini Bottom Tanning Salon

The most beneficial way to care for your skin is to take your time. For the best tan possible, build your base tan slowly by increasing your tan time gradually. Tanning for too long can lead to overexposure and reddening, which just slows down the process. Consult with your Bikini Bottom Tanning Professional for the recommended time each time you visit. Trust us, when you have achieved that desired bronze glowing tan, you will be thankful you took your time and did it the right way! Another important way to care for your skin is to moisturize. The tanning process can take up to 24 hours, even after only several minutes in our equipment. During this process, color continues to develop and skin may lose its natural moisture and nutrients. Therefore, the best way to care for your skin during tanning is to keep it nourished and moisturized with the proper tan extender. Consider investing in one of our specially formulated tan extending lotions. They are designed to keep skin soft and healthy and keep your tan looking its best. Ask any Bikini Bottom Tanning Professional to recommend the best tan extender for your skin type to not only extend the life of your tan, but to keep it bronzed, vibrant and beautiful!